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Update Your Billing Information

Syllabird uses Stripe to securely manage all of our payment processing. Stripe is trusted by millions of companies worldwide.

  1. Click on your user icon in the upper right to open the user menu.

  2. Click on Account to go to the account management page.

  3. Scroll down to the Subscription section and click on the Open Billing Portal which will redirect you to your Stripe billing portal.

  4. To update your payment method click the Add payment method button. This will take you too a page where you can enter your updated credit card information. Make sure that Use as default payment method is checked. Finally, click Add.

  5. You can now remove your old payment method from the list by clicking the three dots ()to the right of the credit card in the Payment Methods list and clicking Delete.

  6. If you would like to change your billing period from Monthly to Yearly or vise versa, click on the Update Plan button.

  7. Here you can click either Monthly or Yearly and then click Continue to change billing periods.