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Assignments in Syllabird

Assignments are lessons or tasks that are part of a course. When you plan a course, the first thing you'll do is add some assignments to it. Later, when you enroll a student in that course, all of the course's assignments will be scheduled for the student.

Assignment Schedule

It's important to note that a course's assignments don't occur on a specific calendar date, they occur on a certain day and week of the course. It's only when you enroll a student in a course (and set the student's course start date) that the assignments fall on certain calendar days in the student's schedule. This allows you to reuse the same course multiple times just by enrolling another student.

Assignment Duration

Assignment duration indicates how many days a student has to complete an assignment. You can change this by editing the Due In field when creating an assignment. You can leave that field blank if the assignment is due on the same day. If an assignment has a duration, the due date for that assignment can fall on a vacation or a weekend.

Assignment Type

Every assignment is one of the following types: Homework, Quiz, Test, Paper, or Other. Aside from helping you stay organized, assignment types are used to calculate grades based on the assignment type weights.

Assignment Attachments

You can attach PDFs, text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, or images to your assignments. This can be useful for providing extra information or resources for an assignment.