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Assignments in Syllabird

Assignments are lessons or tasks that are part of a course. All the assignments in a course make up the curriculum or "course plan". This page will help you understand some important things about assignments in Syllabird.

Planning a Course

Adding assignments to a course can be done from the Plan page.

As you add assignments, you'll notice that days with assignments get colored in in the week/day grid as below. Notice that the first two weeks of this Math course have assignments, and the third week is empty.

Course map showing two weeks of assignments planned for a Math course

Enrolling a Student

Enrolling students can be done from from the student's page.

After enrolling, the calendar will get filled in with assignments. It's important to understand that students can only access and complete assignments if they are enrolled in the course.

Enroll modal showing a student getting enrolled in a Math course

Course Plan vs Calendar Assignments

It's helpful to think of the course plan assignments as separate (but related to) the calendar assignments:

  • Course plan / curriculum assignments are the overall plan for the course. They don't occur on specific calendar dates, but rather on certain days and weeks of the course.

  • Calendar assignments are the assignments scheduled for each student. They occur on particular dates in the calendar.

By separating the course plan / curriculum assignments from the calendar assignments, you can reuse the same course plan for multiple students or for future years. You can also easily reschedule individual calendar assignments if a student needs to take time off or if there are other changes to their schedule.

Other Features

In addition to the course plan / curriculum assignments and the calendar assignments, there are a few other important concepts to understand:

  • Assignment Duration: This indicates how many days a student has to complete an assignment. You can set the duration when creating an assignment, and the due date will be calculated based on the course start date and the duration.
  • Assignment Type: Every assignment is one of the following types: Homework, Quiz, Test, Paper, or Other. These types are used to calculate grades based on the assignment type weights.
  • Assignment Attachments: You can attach PDFs, text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, or images to your assignments. This can be useful for providing extra information or resources for an assignment.