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Create an Assignment

All of the assignments in a course get assigned to students who are enrolled in the course. Follow these instructions to create assignments for a course. If you don't have any courses yet, create one.

  1. Navigate to the Plan page in the top bar.

    Plan Navigation Link
  2. Click Plan Assignments on the course for which you'd like to add an assignment, or click directly on a day. Each square on this page represents a day in the course, and each group of squares represents a week. Colored-in squares are days that have assignments scheduled.

    Plan Assignments Button
  3. Optional: If you'd like to create an assignment on a particular day, select the day you'd like to create an assignment on. If you want to create an unscheduled assignment (with no week/day associated with it), you can navigate to the Unscheduled tab.

  4. Click either the Create Single Assignment button under the New Assignments menu, or the New Assignment button in the empty list to open the new assignment form:

    Create Single Assignment
  5. Start filling in in the new assignment form by entering the assignment's name in the Assignment Name field. This is the only field you are required to provide.

    Form for creating a new assignment
  6. Select the assignment's type: one of Homework, Quiz, Test, Paper, or Other. These are used to organize your assignments, and to calculate a weighted grade for the course.

  7. Optional: If the assignment is not due on the same day that it is assigned, you can edit the Due In field. For example, enter "2" if the assignment is due 2 days later and so on.

  8. Optional: Select the Graded checkbox if the assignment is graded.

  9. Optional: Enter a description for the assignment if you'd like to give more information.

  10. Optional: Add up to 10 file attachments to your assignment via the attachment uploader. If you need help adding attachments to a planned assignment, see this help page.

  11. Click Create Assignment.

Create assignment button