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Complete a Student's Course

About completing courses

When a student is done with their course, you can mark it as complete. This is typically done at the end of the year after all assignments have been completed.

Completing a course has the following effects:

  • All of the student's completed assignments, grades, and attachments will be archived and you will not be able to edit them.
  • The student's assignments will stop showing up on the Calendar and Home page.
  • The student's course information can be found on the "completed" tabs in the Gradebook and Student Info page.

Also, keep in mind the following notes:

  • The course itself will not be deleted.
  • Changing a course will not affect a student' completed courses.

How to complete a student's course

  1. Navigate to the Students page via the link on the top bar.
Students Navigation Link
  1. Click on the student for whom you'd like to complete a course.

  2. Find the course you'd like to complete, click on the action menu () and click Complete Course.

Complete Course Button
  1. Select the school year and calendar year that the student completed the course.

  2. Click Complete Course.