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Courses in Syllabird

A course is a collection of lessons or assignments in a certain schedule. It's important to remember that in Syllabird, a course stands on its own - it doesn't need to have any students enrolled in it. When you do enroll a student in a course, all of the course's assignments will be scheduled for the student.

This means you can use reuse the same course at any time - for example, when your younger students are ready for it. Or, you can enroll multiple students in a course at the same time. Enrolling a student in a course is like pulling a book off of a bookshelf.

Course Duration

A course in Syllabird doesn't have a set start and end date until you enroll a student in it. Until then, it's just a collection of assignments laid out in a certain structure. A course starts at whatever time you pick when you enroll a student in it, and the end date will depend on the duration of the course. A course usually lasts about 32 weeks, but can be up to 52 weeks long.

Assignment Frequency

Courses often have 5 assignment-days per week - Monday through Friday. Meaning there are 5 days each week that the course has assignments or lessons. In Syllabird, courses can have anywhere between 1 and 7 assignment/lesson-days per week. This assignment frequency, along with the course duration (how many weeks the course lasts) determine the total number of assignment-days in a course.

It's only when you enroll a student in a course that you pick which days of the week the course will have assignments. For example, if your course has 2 assignment-days per week, you could pick Monday & Wednesday one year, but pick Thursday & Friday the next year for a different student.

Graded Courses

If you mark a course as graded, Syllabird will automatically calculate a grade for students enrolled in the course. You can also select the weights for different types of assignments. For example, you can set quizzes to be worth 25% of a course, and tests to be worth 50%, etc.

Key Points

  • A course is a collection of assignments.
  • The assignments in a course get assigned to students when they become enrolled in the course.
  • You can reuse a course many times.
  • You can add or remove assignments to a course at any time.