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Create a Course

You may have noticed Syllabird doesn't ask for specific dates or days of the week when creating a course. This is because a course in Syllabird represents the structure of the course and it is agnostic from dates. This makes it easy for you to reuse courses for your other children or share courses with others. Learn more about Courses in Syllabird.

  1. Navigate to the Courses page via the link in the top bar.

    Courses Navigation Link
  2. Click the New Course button.

    New Course Button
  3. Enter the course's name in the Course Name field.

  4. Optional: If you'd like to create a graded course, check the Graded checkbox. You'll notice some extra fields show up that we'll get to soon.

Marking a course as graded allows you to input grades for assignments that students complete We'll automatically calculate the current grade in the course based on the assignments' grades, the credits and weights you provide us when creating a course, and a standard grading scale. Learn more about student grades.

  1. Enter the course's duration in the Duration field. A course's duration is the number of weeks that the course lasts.

  2. Enter the course's frequency in the Frequency field. A course's frequency is the number of days per week the course has assignments on.

  3. Optional: Enter a description for your course in the Description field.

  4. If you did not to opt to create a graded course, you can click Add Course and you're done! 🎉 Otherwise, you'll need a few more steps:

  5. Enter number of credits for the course in the Credits field. This will be used for calculating GPAs and transcripts, a feature we're currently working on!

  6. Enter the weights for each assignment type. This is used to calculate the overall grade for the course. If you only want to use some of the assignment types, you can leave certain types blank or set them to 0%.

  7. Click Add Course to finish creating the course.