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Shift Assignments in a Course

Follow these instructions if you want to shift a student's assignments for a single course. If you want to shift assignments for every course, you can also schedule a vacation. Shifting a course can be useful if your student is completing a course faster than expected, or if you want to take a break in a course.

  1. Find an assignment scheduled on the day where you want to start shifting assignments.

  2. Click on the assignment to see its details. You can do this from either the Calendar, Home, or Gradebook page.

  3. Click the Reschedule option in the assignment actions list. If you're on a smaller screen (e.g. tablets, phones), you'll need to open the assignment action menu () to see the option.

    Reschedule Button on Calendar Page
  4. Select the "Shift following assignments in course" checkbox.

Shift Course Checkbox
Free-form assignments don't have this checkbox option.
  1. Select the day to which you'd like to shift the assignment.

  2. Click the Save button to reschedule the assignment. All incomplete assignments on or after the assignment that you selected will shift with it.

    Save Reschedule Button