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View a Student's Grades

Course grades are calculated based on the assignment type weights that you pick when you create the course. For example, you can make tests worth 30% of the course grade. Course credits are used to calculate a total grade among all the courses that a student is enrolled in. For more information, check out how grades work.

  1. Navigate to the Gradebooks page via the link in the top bar.

  2. Here you will see a table for each of your students that contains all of their courses. The second column displays the current grade for an individual course.

The current grade is only calculated for courses that have been marked as a Graded Course. Learn more about making a course a graded course.

  1. To view more information about a course, and assignment specific grades, click on the row of the course you are interested in.

  2. On this new page you will see another table with all of the assignments for this course and their corresponding grade.