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Plan & Schedule Flexibly

Plan how you want — whether you like to plan an entire course at once, or schedule week by week, Syllabird works with you.


Streamline your planning process

  • Automatic Scheduling

    Enroll a student in a course and their entire schedule is planned automatically.

  • Share Courses

    Share your courses with friends, or have your friends share with you. Spend less time planning.

  • Use & Reuse Courses

    Reuse old courses for new students when they’re ready for it — like taking a book off of a bookshelf.

  • Smart Rescheduling

    Reschedule an assignment or schedule a vacation in a few clicks, and watch everything shift to the next available day.

  • Repeat Assignments

    Quickly create repeating assignments with the click of a button and save precious time inputting your curriculum.

  • Plan Your Way

    Plan by the day, week, month, or year. Enroll students in a course at any time and plan assignments whenever you want.

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