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Managing Vacations

Scheduling a vacation will automatically shift assignments in the course and keep your free-form assignments untouched. To reschedule a free-form assignment, see reschedule an assignment. If you have questions about this, feel free to contact us.

Create a Vacation

  1. Navigate to the Calendar via the link in the top bar.

    Calendar Navigation Link
  2. Click on the Manage Vacations link in the calendar actions. If you're on a smaller screen (e.g. tablets, phones), you'll need to open the calendar action menu () to see the option.

    Manage Vacations Link
  3. Click the New Vacation button.

    New Vacation Button
  4. Optional: Select the students you'd like to create a vacation for in the Students dropdown. If left empty, it will create a vacation for every student.

  5. Optional: Add a Vacation Name.

  6. Select the day (or range of days) that the vacation will take place. To select a single day, just click the new day. To select a range of days, click the first day of the range followed by the last day of the range. In this example, we're creating a vacation on the week of Thanksgiving.

    Schedule Vacation Modal

Adding a vacation will shift any (non-free-form) assignments scheduled during or after the vacation to the next open course day. Additionally, scheduling a vacation will not affect an assignment's duration, so an assignment's due date could end up on a vacation day.

  1. Click Add Vacation to create the vacation and shift assignments.

    Add Vacation Button

Edit a Vacation

  1. Navigate to your vacations (see above for instructions), and click on the vacation you want to edit.

    Curser hovering over vacation row
  2. Edit the vacation and click Save.