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Planning in Syllabird

Once you have created a course you can enroll students in it and start adding assignments. New assignments will automatically get assigned to all the students enrolled in the course. This means you can plan a course as you go, or plan the entire course at once - whatever you want.

Rescheduling assignments

Sometimes you need to reschedule assignments due to holidays, sickness, or vacation. Syllabird makes this easy - see the instructions for rescheduling an assignment. This lets you move assignments for students to any day without changing the course schedule for future students enrolled in the course.

You can also schedule a vacation to automatically shift all of the assignments for a student.
For example, if you decide to schedule an impromptu vacation in the middle of a week, Syllabird will shift the assignments scheduled for that day to the next day, and so on. But that vacation wouldn't get used if you enroll a student in a the same course next year.