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Reschedule a Student's Assignment

Follow these instructions if you want to change when a student's assignment is due or assigned. If you also want to change the order of assignments for future students who take the course, see instructions to move an assignment in a course.

When you reschedule a student's assignment, it will stay in the course structure - which means it automatically gets rescheduled when you add vacations or change the order of assignments.

  1. Click on an assignment to see its details. You can do this from the Calendar, Home, or Gradebook page.

  2. Click the Reschedule option in the assignment actions list. If you're on a smaller screen (e.g. tablets, phones), you'll need to open the assignment action menu () to see the option.

    Reschedule Button on Calendar Page
  3. Optional: Deselect the "Keep in course structure" checkbox to to make the assignment "free-form" and schedule it outside the normal course structure. When this box is checked, you cannot start an assignment on a day that the course doesn't normally have assignments - for example, on a weekend or vacation.

    If you reschedule an assignment outside of the course structure, the assignment will not be automatically rescheduled when adding vacations or updating the course plan.
  4. Select the day (or range of days) to which you'd like the assignment to be scheduled. To select a single day, just click the new day. To select a range of days, click the first day of the range followed by the last day of the range. In this example, we're rescheduling from Friday to next Tuesday.

    Reschedule Assignment Modal
  5. Click the Save button to reschedule the assignment.

    Save Reschedule Button